Sticky beak into the home of Style on the Hunt

This beautiful home and artwork belongs to Gina, of Style on the Hunt.  Gina is an artist, a mum and many other things in between.  Read the interview below to find out more.  You can also follow Style On the Hunt on Instgram.








Describe what you do:

I greatly enjoy balancing work and looking after 2 kids. I have recently returned to my first love,  painting, after a 10 year hiatus.  During that time I was buying and working in my own retail fashion,homewares and accessories stores. I have had a varied and exciting career which has included working as a knitwear designer in New York for many years, artist/painter and    fashion retailer in Melbourne trading as Hues Gallery. I am now drawing on my experiences over the years of being a designer, colourist and stylist to find new direction with my artwork and am absolutely loving it! While I keep a stock of paintings, I especially enjoy commissioned work and dealing directly with clients and decorators. My aim is that the customer will end up with a piece they love.

Favourite room in your house, and why:  

I love my kitchen/ family room as that is where I spend most of my time. But my favourite vista is appreciated while reading in bed, looking out the window at our magnificent liquidambar tree, which wraps around the front of our home.

3 words to describe your interior style

Eclectic, practical, colourful.
3 top homewares/furniture stores to visit in Melbourne:

Hues Gallery, of course, was my favourite but is now closed. Now I would say Space furniture and Domo. I have purchased some timeless pieces from both these stores which add a great deal of style to our home. Thirdly, I would have to say  that I love markets and secondhand furniture stores. I have great satisfaction in revamping vintage pieces and making them modern.

What are you most proud of in your home?
My kitchen table which I bought in a secondhand store and used to display home-wares in my store, Hues. I brought it home, took the top off, sprayed the base, which had beautiful, ornately carved legs and made a new top to give it a modern feel. My modern chandeliers in the dining room add a great feel to the room and adjacent entrance.

What will be the next purchase for your home?

Now that the kids are a bit older I’m planning to re-cover the furniture in the multipurpose media/ lounge/ play room. With all its functions, the room gets a lot of use & the furniture has been heroic, so it deserves some love.

Name two items you should never skimp on in your home.
Lighting for its practical and aesthetic and flooring : it can make or break the look of your house.

Messy or neat? A combination of both

Best design/decorating tip you could give our readers:

Less is more. I’m not a lover of painted feature walls. Treat your house as a blank canvas and take your time finding pieces that reflect your own personality . Don’t over decorate a room, keep it simple, choose key pieces to make a statement.




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